Today is sunday, a special sunday in the christians' faith. A day that marks the salvation of all mankind, freedom from the bondage of sins and Hope of eternity as the christians celebrate today in commemoration of the death of the Messiah on the cross of Calvary.

The journey did not begin today, it is a forty days' journey as it starts with the Ash Wednesday  which reminds that man came from the combination of soil and ash and will return back to the same state according to the Christians' faith.

This year's Easter is being celebrated on a low due to the pandemic that came with the aim to destroy and dehumanize all mankind. What could have been the fate of man if christ did not resurrect? But all thanks to God who made it possible!

What a great love that one gave out his life for the sake of his friends! On the friday before the Easter is the most joyous day as it marks christ the sacrificial lamb on the cross. It reminds us the suffering under the cross and his death which brought about a breakthrough to humanity.


            Deloversbed Wishes you...
Safety @ this period of pandemic, a million may fall by your right hand and a billion or whatever by your left, as for you we have prayed for you. The lord will be your shield and your protector nothing will happen to you. Long life will be your portion and success will be yours' in whatever good you give a trial. Those that doubted you before shall call, come and travel to meet you just to render their apologies for the lord your God has opened your chapter he will not close it until he see all his wishes over you come through. This Easter shall bring many things good into your life and your family for where there is darkness it will shower light, over failure it will grant success, good health over sickness and peace against conflict. Happy Easter from www.deloversbed.com.

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