Formal Governor Denies Presidential Posters

The Abia State one time governor , Senator Theodore Orji, has denied the recent posters for presidential contest that flooded Aba and Umuahia, saying he had no more political ambition since he would quit politics after serving out his present term in 2023.

According to him he said his yes is always yes and that what happened is a work of his political enemies.

While making his address the senator who represents Abia Central district said he also received calls that same posters had been seen as far as Ebonyi State and asked law enforcement agencies to apprehend anybody seen pasting such since they did not come from him.

He clarified  that he had made up his mind after returning to the Senate for the second time that in 2023, he would not contest for any elective office to make way for younger ones to serve.

He said: “many called my attention to posters that have flooded some cities in the country purporting to be from me on an ambition to contest for the presidency of the country in 2023 and I was surprised because I neither printed nor sent anyone on such mission. Even if anyone wants me to go into the contest, I was not consulted so my conclusion is that it is being done by mischief-makers.

“After winning my last election into the senate, I openly stated that I will no longer contest for any elective office so that I can leave the stage for younger people to come and play their parts; so how can I go back on my words after being part of those that supported the not-too-young to run bill that has become law in the country?

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“Let me state once more for the avoidance of doubts that I have no more political ambition and will retire home in 2023. I did not print any poster and did not send anybody to paste any poster. Only God knows the intention of those doing that. How can one be talking about 2023 that is three years away when we do not own our lives? I am not even contesting for any office, talk less of the presidency.”

After his election tribunal victory in 2019, he had said, “In 2023, I’ll be off the (political) scene.

This is my last political outing in terms of contesting for elective position.  You have to allow young people to grow; if I don’t retire, I’ll be denying young people the opportunity to grow.”

The senator, who remains chairman, Senate Committee on Privatisation, urged the general public and his supporters to disregard such posters and call fir police attention if they see anyone pasting such.

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