Just like you wouldn’t give a book to someone who doesn’t know how to read , Don’t give your heart to someone who has continuously proven that they don’t know how to love. If you really want a serious relationship leading to marriage don’t rush things, take your time to know the person you’re trying to relate with.

One of the reasons why some relationships don’t last is because some people don’t take time to fully know the person they’re relating with.

Many people rush to give in their ALL in the relationship without knowing someone’s intentions. This is because many people spend many years when they are SINGLE and SEARCHING for the RIGHT PERSON.

They pray and wait on God to send them a right person. But then God delays to answer their prayers. So, with time they start seeing themselves that they are growing. They lose hope, run out of patience and end up giving in their delicate hearts and precious bodies to anybody they meet who shows interest in them. They get blinded by the sugar coated love and care in the early stages of the relationship which never lasts longer. And within no time they’re used and dumped like trash and eventually they become HEARTBROKEN and SINGLE again.

Trust me if someone really loves you, s/he will understand you, wait for you, stick around you and prove their love to you. Again, if the person you are trying to relate with can’t be patient with you, take things at a slow pace, somehow rushing you into doing some things that you are not ready for, then just know that s/he is one of those un-serious people that you need to be careful with. Actually such a person is not worth your love, heart & time.

Finally  In a relationship, there's nothing more powerful than prayers.. Keeping God in the mist of the relationship is the foundation for which it stands... Without it God, your relationship will not stand... I pray dat YOU will meet that person who is going to love you the way that you deserve to be loved; the way that you have always wanted to be loved.

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