From ENUGU—A group, Biafra Zionists Federation has urged  with the Igbos to come back home that the covid-19 pallative distribution from the Federal Government could have let them know that the Nigeria Government do not budget anything good for them.

They claim that the South Easteners do not reckon in the national affairs of the country even as they claim that all the policies of the Nigerian government have been directed at marginalizing Ndigbo.

The group's leader Benjamin Onwuka while speaking in Enugu said that prevention  of Covid-19 palliative being given to Igbo states by the Federal Government has clearly shown how South East states were schemed out.

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 Further more, he recalled that $21.7 billion dollars loan was being sought by the Federal Government without the zone being included in the projects mapped out to be done with the loan-

The leader finally said "it is clear that President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government has divided Nigeria along ethnic lines in the face of the coronavirus disease."

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