The one time winner of the awards for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo(Dbanj) has advised the Nigerians most especially the youths never to loose hope no matter what the situation turns to be. Dbanj who is also referred to as Kokomaster siad the above in an interview with some journalists yesterday where he urged Nigerians never to look back in their quest to achieve a better living for themselves.

     The Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur and television personality while speaking to the newsmen tried explaining how God do his own things which he said is totally different from the way of man. He said that some people keep on struggling but dropped all the zeal when God is about to extend his hands of blessings over their hardworks.

     The 2009 Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards used the present situation of the world today to make himself clear. Speaking further he said that no one had ever imagined the boom in the sale of the preventive materials like nose mask, hand-sanitizer, even tissue etc but today everybody is rushing these materials due to the outbreaks of the deadly viruses like covid-19 and hanta virus that aim at dehumanizing humanity as a whole.

According to the star who started his music career as far-back as 2004 while addressing  the masses through the media said "BE CONSISTENT AND NEVER GIVE UP IN LIFE ... EVEN TISSUE PAPER, HAND SANITIZER AND FACE MASK NO BELIEVE SAY THEM GO BLOW LIKE THIS LIFE NA TURN BY TURN".

       Finally, the artiste went further urging the youths to stay strong and also he told them that as it is his turn today that tomorrow is surely another man's turn which may turn to be yours(I mean you reading this post).

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