The Indigenous prople if Biafra Enugu Chapter has revealed that Nigeria armed forces has killed more than Corona virus.

The group said that the firces are busy killing the hungry civilians meanwhile Boko Haram are there waiting for them to come and fight them but they refuse to go.

Speaking from his twitter account, the leader of the group, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said, “we are not only battling with the combination of hunger and starvation, but also with the double standard from some section of the country;  intimidation,  terrorism, deception, photo shops, repressiveness as well as dictatorial tendencies from this regime and all their countless harassment”.

Emma who is the  group’s spokesman, Powerfully quoted Kanu as saying that “as the lockdown is going on everywhere even in Anambra, they are busy  installing 5G network cables that weakens the immune system. People have been asking what is the connection between 5G and Coronavirus?.

“The correlation is this: 5G weakens the immune system that allows common cold to invade your system like the Coronavirus which is a cold virus. All your lives are worthless before the political leaders in Aso Rock. As long as they are comfortable with their family, they will do anything they like with your lives. This gospel is for everybody not just for Biafrans.

Your future and that of your children had been crushed down the drain by the political leaders in Aso Rock and your governors. It doesn’t matter if they are PDP or APC, they are all the same; they have all failed you and will continue to fail you unless you upgrade your reasoning by revolution which is needed now.

Those thinking if Bola Ahmed Tinubu gets to power that things will be better for them should think twice, Olusegun Obasanjo was there for 8 years, did your life get any better?, Those in southern part of Biafra, Goodluck Jonathan was there for 6 years, what was the outcome?.

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“This revolution must be region by region, the West should organize themselves for it, the MiddleBelt should organize themselves for it; the East is organized already waiting for orders to come onboard. How many people are they going to kill if we rise up at the same time to revolt against this oppressive and repressive rouge regime?.

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