From Ghana- Shatta Wale  has made it open to every celebrity that nothing in this life lasts forever.
 The star said he knows why he is saying this that some people May be by the side thinking that he just opened his mouth and started talking but he himself has a very good reason behind what he is saying.
 the 35 year old popular Ghanaian artist said that some celebrities have forgotten the fact that there was a time somebody was reigning  before they themselves come up and that if they could think twice about it that they should realise that the moment they started reigning  somebody who was reigning  before them has to go down for them  to shine.
 Speaking further the young Ghanaian said that so shall it be that a day shall come again when someone else should come up and  a popular celebrity will have to give a way for that person to shine as well.

Speaking from his Twitter account the Ghanaian star who is as well a songwriter, music producer, sound engineer and as well as singer said "A celebrity is like a new model 1990 car,by 1991 Another model will come ,then your time will pass ,so don’t lie to yourself thinking this fame is yours forever, nothing lasts forever"

Speaking further shatta Wale stated that since he was born he has never seen anything that last forever apart from change and that change  doesn't ask for permission before it happens that means it may happen in favour of someone or against that very person.

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