CHRIST HAS RISEN

Easter is a season of joy, a celebration time. You suppose to wish your friends, well-wishers, relations and customers a wonderful and  prosperous happy easter.

1) Hurray!!! The Lord has risen, alleluia.
     May this Easter celebration period be a season of God's abundant blessings for you and your household.
        Happy Easter.

2) Wow!!! it's a brand new day made by the lord, arise and jubilate with me in this season of joy and happiness. My prayers is that for you and your loved ones, this season will on the light of a new hope.
          Happy Easter

3) Yes!!! Hes has overcome the power of death. Just this morning he made his way out of the grave, he has set us all free from every bondage. May the light of the risen Messiah scatter the darkness that fills the human heart.
             Happy Easter.

4) christ is light, the begining and the end, the alpha and the Omega. Come let us glorify his work. May the spirit of the resurrected christ fill you and your household with peace, happiness and faith that you will never doubt his love over you.
        Happy Easter.

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5) For many days we have waited for a day like this, a day of God's mercy upon humanity. He has died that we may live. Today marks the begining of a new life in you. Very soon those that doubted  you should proclaim the lord's goodness upon you.
          Happy Easter.

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