It all started with the Ramadan which marks the holiest season in the life of every Muslim who knows what he or she is doing. During that period a heathy Muslim man or woman is expected to abstain from eating all through the day.

As a muslim, that Ramadan is a period in which you are expected not to drink anything alcohol, abstain from immoral behaviours and even anger. 

A season of showing love to one another, a season for preparation of the great feast the Eid El Fitr (Salla). 

Behold! Today is the wonderful D-day awaits by all Muslims all over the plannet earth. With heart full of joy and happiness we celebrate with Muslims this day of joy which remainds us of our Muslim faith.

We the entire staff and management of www.deloversbed.com wish u long life and protection as u celebrate this year's Eid Mubarak saying that the Almighty Allah will guide us all through this Pandemic period.

We also advised that our brothers and sisters should not forget that even as we celebrate this season that we should not forget the World Health Organisation's directive measures for stopping the spread of the covid-19.

The measures which include Social distancing, Regular Washing of the hands with running water, applying of alcoholic based sanitizer, wearing of the face mask and other.

Don't forget that this information is getting to you from www.deloversbed.com a blog that deal with Love and relationship tips, Celebrity news, General News and so on.

   Barka De Salla from us @ www.deloversbed.com

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