If you have in one way or the other cheated your partner in your marriage/relationship life this article is for you. Maybe you are thinking of cheating your partner, this article is as well meant for you. Send the content of this article to the newly married ones they need it more than every other persons in this world. Do you know people who are in a relatiomship that is leading to marriage? This is as well for them. Don't forget to refer them to this very website for the sake of peace and unity in their marriage/relationship life. 

 Sometimes we think the only thing we do to people who are about to enter into marriage is sponsoring them with money but we are all making this mistake day by day. The most important support we should give to people in this class is advice that can help to prolong the love, peace, joy and unity that exists between them. They need these advice. Whether they know it or not we should provide it to them if not for anything at least for a better society. 

The peace in our society is determined by the peace in our different families and community. *Never you be a cheating partner to your husband/wife. Maybe you realised that this partner of yours loves you unconditionally don't take it for granted. Do you know there are people who are in hell all in the name of marriage and relationship? That partner Who sees the best in you, who loves and support you unconditionally, who still texts you when you haven't replied for hours, who tries his/her best to see a smile on your face, who thinks you're pretty with or without make up. Who treat you like a prince/princess should not be paid back with evil or out of negative thought.* 

 *Understand the fact that you've gotten in your life what many ladies/men wish to have in their lives.* *Don't you ever take his/her love for granted, it's not easy to love someone and it's not easy to be loved by someone. The day you thought of having two lovers in your life at the same time was the day you poured fuel into your life and the day you made the first move towards your thought was the day you light the fuel and it will continue to burn in your marriage/relationship life till the end of the world. 

 If you lose that man or woman You might not find someone like him/her because you barely see someone like that these days. Remember he's not perfect and he will never be. He might sometimes hurt you or make you cry.* 

 *In a relationship you won,t always be happy, there must be challenging moments I believe you must have known this.* *Avoid mistakes that will make you lose a real lover and try to differenciate between real and fake love, this is more important in the diary of love.*

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