The Anambra State Government under the Governorship of his Excellency Sir Willie Obiano has
begun the cleaning and clearing of all the drainage channels in the state. The State government said
she is doing everything possible to see that no building should fall in this rainy season as a result of
flood destruction of the building plans in the state.
According to reports “The drainage channels in the state had not been cleared since fifteen
years ago and it has almost become a culture that not less than ten buildings must fall during or
before the end of every rainy season in the state. The Anambra State Government under the present
administration has been doing everything possible to make the state a comfortable place for the
During the clean up some journalists were there to witness the good work of the state
Government, some of them which includes The Anambra Broad-Casting Service Awka (ABS), Purity￾FM Mbakwu and so much more. During the News men observation some Keke Drivers expressed
their joy over the good work the State Government is doing and also pleaded with the Government
at the state level to map out a punishment for the offenders who use the drainage channels as a
Remember that as covid-19 is still ravaging the lives of the international community wearing of the
face mask is a must-do in Anambra State as offenders of this law are liable to pay ten thousand Naira
(#10,000) or receive some punishments or even do the both.
The Executive Governor of the state while addressing the masses on ABS this morning
expressed his anger over The Anambrarians for not wearing the Face-Mask as the state Government
directives to stop the further spread of Corona virus in the state. According to the Governor “I can’t
believe that a man with a sound mind is still doubting the existence of covid-19 victims in the state.
We have been doing our best to stop the virus from spreading further but the people refuse to obey
the instructions”.

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