Relationship challenges shouldn't be approached with the same technique by which we solve issues between children. Sometimes there is the need to consult an expert in the field for help and advice but we need to be careful with who we consult for issues between two lovers should not be settled outside their love arena.

Without a waste of time let's go straight to what we have for you our reader.

*1. LOVERS SHOULD NOT CRITICIZE THEIR PARTNER:* Don’t criticize your partner for the sake of hurting them. That is never good in any relationship. You always have to make sure that your partner doesn’t feel attacked in any capacity. Any criticism you give should be done out of love or concern – not out of spite.

*2. NEVER ACT DEFENSIVELY WHENEVER YOU ARE CONFRONTED WITH SOMETHING:* The chief cause of misunderstanding between lovers Is acting defensively whenever the facts are laid out in front of you. You have to be willing to stay humble and hear your partner out. If they are being unreasonable, then just wait for them to finish and then very calmly tell them your perspective on things.

*3. YOU HOLD CONTEMPT OVER YOUR PARTNER:* You should never be holding any contempt for your partner in the relationship. Once you argue, keep your feelings within that argument. Don’t be harboring any ill feelings for your partner or else you’re only going to end up resenting each other. And that’s never a good thing for a relationship.

*4. YOU STONEWALL YOUR PARTNER:* You might think that you are doing your relationship a favor by just not saying anything during a fight or an argument. But you are wrong. That’s not going to fix your relationship at all. In fact, if you do that, you are taking a passive approach to address the problems in your relationship. You are making your partner feel like you’re uninvested.



Even though these seem like distinct reminders on how you should conduct yourself in the relationship, they go together a lot of the time. When you criticize your partner, it can lead them to become defensive. And when there is defensiveness, it can incite a sense of contempt within the relationship. If left unmanaged or unaddressed, all of your arguments might eventually lead to total stonewalling in the relationship.

Keep in mind that a relationship is always going to be much stronger when couples are able to joke and laugh a lot. It’s always nice when you are able to share some light-hearted moments together as a couple. That kind of positive energy is actually going to carry over into your fights and arguments as well.

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