It is generally agreed by almost everybody that love is blind, but I don't know whether you have observed the fact that men first say I love you to their female counterpart. 

 In people's lives, love has many significance and we always underestimate these significance. 

 This article contains eight(8) facts that will help lovers to know themselves irrespictive of the fact that the world strongly believe and say that "Love is blind". These facts are based on realistic results and findings from the research results of professionals, experts and doctors/philosophers of love. 

 Without waste of time I will start with the first one which says: 

 *1. EYE TO EYE CONTACT: Lovers(say husband and wife in love)read each other's mind and thought through eye contact. When in public places they don't have much need to start talking or whispering before they make decision, all they need to do is to gaze into each other's eyes for like three minutes and they are good to go. 

 *2. MINUTES ARE ENOUGH TO LOVE: When you meet someone for the first time it takes just few minutes, say three to four minutes to decide whether you love someone or not. But you are still advised to go home and think about it not to know whether you love the person but to know whether you can bear the weaknesses of the person. 

 *3. BEWARE OF LOVE FOR IT IS ADDICTIVE: To be in love is just like consuming a dose of cocaine as they both affect the brain and trigger similar sensations. Falling in love produces euphoria chemicals that stimulate 12 areas of the brain at the same time. 

 *4. DON'T BE CARRIED AWAY BY CUDDLING: Sometimes the feelings the body generates or produced when we embrace someone or hug someone we love or even cuddle them is so good to ignore.

*5. BE READY TO WELCOME HEART BREAK: Nothing pains the heart like Breakups, divorces, loss of a loved one or physical separation from the ones we love. Such a condition is nothing but Broken Heart syndrome. 

 *6. THERE IS ALWAYS CHANGE IN PRIORITIES WHEN LOOKING FOR LONG TERM COMPANION: The evidence is there that when looking for a fling, the body wins over the face on a physical attraction basis. The opposite is true, however, for those who are looking for a long-term relationship partner. 

 *7. LIFE DERIVE MORE COMFORT FROM FEELINGS: When one think about love he/she ends up enjoying certain foods than those who only think about jealousy or something neutral. *

8. SOME PEOPLE DON'T FEEL LOVE: It's not just a saying, many pretend and claim they never felt romantic love, people like that suffer from a rare disease. A sickness that does not grant a person the ability to feel the rapture of love. 

 If you can let these facts run in your vein, if you can live these facts as life, the last but not the least, if you can bear these facts in mind in your time of love; I tell you that you can never be carried away by love nor its sweetness.

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