The one time Vice President of Nigeria His Excellency Atiku Abubakar has early this Christmas morning made some very important wishes to not just the Christians across the country but to all Nigerians both home and in diaspora.

Mr.Atiku who started with the normal Christmas greetings(Merry Christmas) to all the Christians across the country and in diaspora said it that the fact we 're celebrating Christmas shouldn't make us forget that we should be praying for a better Nigeria. He said there is a greater need for peace and unity in our country.

According to him he said, Our Country shall be greater than this if only we can extend a hand of fellowship to one another and that we should be looking up to the laws that guide and direct our Nation which he said is more important.

Further speaking, His Excellency reminded us that we should develope the habit and character of looking up to God as our hope of last resort. 

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Finally, He said we should always hope in God and that in him should be our Faith. He said we shouldn't only be talking of our love for one another rather we should be showing that love in our daily practical life with people around us.

In his own words Mr. Atiku said "Merry Christmas to our Christian brothers and sisters as well as other Nigerians."

"Even as we celebrate with friends and family, we should also spend time to pray for a more peaceful and prosperous nation."

"As a nation, we can achieve more if we stand united, extend hands of fellowship to one another and be law-abiding."

"We must also rededicate ourselves to the virtues of faith in God, love for one another and make these virtues more evident and practical in our daily living."

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