Many guys keep on saying that their wife is not romantic and it truely excites me whenever I hear men making such statement. let me tell you, the spirit and act of romanticism runs in the blood of every woman irrespective of class and other qualifications, all you need to do is let her know how you feel for her.

Many guys will tell you I bought her a cloth worth more than five thousand dollars but she doesn't treat me the way she treat the other guy(in the case of relationship).

Listen very well brother, sometimes money is not everything, there are words that soaks the heart just as water has the ability to soak clothes. Tell her those words and she will start feeling free around you and once a woman feels free with you the next thing is to start being open to you. A woman can never be romantic to you without being open to you. 

How many times have you told her how special she is? How many times have you told her the difficulties you encountered while searching for a lover? Tell her you had never thought you would find a love that stayed until you met her.Tell her how unkind fate had been to you in the terms of love. Tell her that For so long, love was an unrequited feeling, an unreturned text, and an unresolved ending.

Women like it when you tell them that Love consisted you of doing everything you could to win someone's affection. Love was a one-sided fight against the overwhelming odds and dark worries that you would eventually lose.

Let her know that the love between you and her has passed the point of saving and that there is no need for you trying in vain to hold onto a relationship that was past the point of saving. 

Love was cynicism, and if the love you believed in left you in the worst possible way, of what hope do you have to meet the right person?

Again, you can only understand this if you have undergone heartbreak. After many bitter tears and heartbreaking experiences, you may want a way out. You may think that love wasn't meant for you, accepting it as your fate you may decide not to fight it. Tell her you started being your own company instead of yearning to find someone, how you slowly learned to be okay with yourself instead of needing someone to be there for you and how concerned you were with guarding your heart rather than getting hurt by anything else.

At this point, tell her that since you met her that your mindset has totally changed, that she has turned  the universe upside down and blew your mind in the most unexpected way.

Do you want to excite her? Tell her you didn't know how beautiful and empowering love could be until you tests her love.

You may think it is impossible to find someone of the same wavelength. Someone who accepts the person you are, who embrace you weirdness and presence without any question or judgment. Someone who just gets you so effortlessly as through you mind and her's are wired the same way. Someone who consistently chooses you out of the many options because you are the only one for her.

Sometimes frustration can make us think there is something wrong with us that made us unworthy of love. That we weren't good enough the way we were that caused our past relationship to fail. That we didn't deserve to attract the right person for ourselves.

Tell her she proved you wrong time and time again. Say it to her hearing that she made you believe in love again. That she was there for you since the very beginning asking for nothing in return except the chance to love you and that you gave her nothing but your wholehearted best as she sincerely hope to materialize the forever that you spend together;


and that you had never believe you could find a happy ending until fate joined you.

It is always said that one day you will meet someone who makes you realize why it had never worked out with anyone before. And as cliche as it is, open up to her that you 've started to see why. Since getting toget

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