Shatta Wale And Some Other Stars finally Break Silence On the Arrest Of The Nigerian Stars By Police At Uganda

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 It is no more a news that two Nigerian Stars were arrested at Uganda after they attended a show at Uganda.

 Omah lay and Tems were arrested after a legal entry into the country which led to some stars like Shatta Wale, Runtown, Phyno, Burnaboy, Fireboy and others expressing their concern over the matter.

The trending news which covers almost the whole of Twitter this morning with a hash tag "#FREEOMAHLAY, #FREETEMS" with over two million comment has revealed the love that exist among Nigerian stars where phyno asked why the police @Uganda let them into the country when they know they are to arrest them after the show. Phyno in his twitter handle said "This is crazy .. If u Knw u would arrest them after the show .. why let them into your country in the first place .. africa she"

As I have told you is not only one star that said something over the matter Runtown is another person that expressed his anger over the issue where he referred his own blame to not just the Government of Uganda but also to the Nigerian Government.  According to Runtown he said "Its a total shame that Nigerian artists Omah Lay and Tems who flew into Uganda LEGALLY for a publicly announced event are being hounded and embarrassed in such a manner.

#FreeOmahLay #FreeTems  @GovUganda @abikedabiri

its even a BIGGER shame that the Nigerian authorities have kept mute on this and if they're making any effort, they owe it to us to carry Nigerians along. @abikedabiri @GovUganda"

The last but not the least of the Stars who spoke over the matter is Fireboy who deeply showed concern by asking the police of Uganda why they treated the two Nigerian Stars the way they did.

Shatta Movement(Ghanian Star)


I know this one will interest you, it's all about what Shatta Wale of all people said about the matter. The Shatta movement of the people called on his fellow Ghanian Stars to learn from Nigerians by telling them that two Nigerian Stars where arrested by Uganda police and the whole Nigerians are seriously after the matter but if it was he(Shattawale) that was arrested some Ghanian Stars will even plead that he spend two years in jail. Speaking through his twitter handle Wale Said "If it was shatta wale that was Arrested in Uganda like some people in our music industry will try their possible best  for them to jail me like 6years 

#FreeOmahLay #FreeTems 

Ghana creative arts should start learning  form Nigerians .. This is what we call Love"

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