The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari has made it public yesterday that the government at the federal level will do all within her power to secure the lives and properties of Nigerians.

The president said that the government is not asleep and that they have provided to the Nigerian military the necessary arms and equipment with which to fight the criminals and vandals that make Nigerians keepp awake even at night.

Further more in his twitter handle he said that the federal government as an act of showing concern to the peace of the country has provided amoured cars and even air craft and that those ones are not enough for more are yet to come.

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In his own statement the president said "We are investing heavily in weapons and equipment for our military. They have already received armoured cars and other equipment, and aircraft, and more will come in. We will continue to give them all the support they need to fight criminals. We must and will secure Nigeria."

Finally the president pleads with all Nigerians home and in diaspora to take the peace and security of this country serious and stop seeing it as only the responsibility of the government.

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