Delovrsbed.com is an online platform created by a young blogger by name Nedum Emmanuel popularly known as Auxiliary. This young man created this blog in the year 2016 with the sole aim of producing a happy home/society. 
     In our society today, many things that can lead to a broken heart happen day by day, take for instance marriage divorce, high blood pressure, stroke, unwanted pregnancy and all sources of immoralities. We cannot fold our arms while things continue to happen, in other words we have to tackle them in order to bring them to an end.
     All these agents of frustration as mentioned above are brought about by what we simply called fake love which is a kind of love that doesn't exist.
     This fake love is the major cause of marriage divorce and other negative aspects of relationship. Because when someone mention love and mean love there will be no all these.

      But thank God for this young man who brought to us deloversbed.com  with the aim of building the society of true love I mean a society in which everyone can talk and understand what love is all about.

     We provides you with daily post, love articles, love movies/songs, love/wedding events and the last but not the least documentaries etc. With all these we strongly believe that we will make the world an ocean filled not with water but with love, Peace and happiness.

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Dear deloversbed, we are strictly behind you, keep on doing the good work of reuniting the scattered families of this planet earth.